Seasons Ebb Away

As I sat on my back porch in my rocking chair today, I could see, feel and smell summer ebbing away. 

I could hear the wind blowing softly through the trees. I could even see a few falling leaves. 

I can tell by the shorter days that fall is on the way. The hot, lazy days of summer aren’t going to stay. 

Blissful spring has come and gone. 
The remaining days of sleepy summer won’t last long. 

Glorious fall colors will soon appear. 
But, like the flowers of summer they will disappear. 

Winter will follow the fall as it always has. 
Spring, summer and fall are again 
Part of the past. 

People can be compared to the seasons. 
They are born, bloom, and ebb away. 
Like spring, summer, and fall they cannot stay. 

Winter will come as it always does. 
If we are blessed, we have experienced the 
seasons at their best.


- Jenny Kelley

Poem Submitted By : Dil Comments

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