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That winter-fantasy poems

 That winter...
You grabbed my cold hands,
You hugged me tightly,
You whisper through my sensitive ears...
and say "I LOVE YOU"
All this time I've been waiting for it to happen,
expecting every single possibilities...
But all I see and feel now, is just my FANTASY about YOU

Poem Submitted By : Dil Comments

Been miserably waiting-fantasy poems

 A pivot, A climax, A watershed
Been miserably waiting for dawn in my head
Then the day came
A day my mismatch soul and body met
I fed on your words and voices
Wolf down everything from you and store them up
Taking mental snapshot in the dark
And prepare myself for yet another brutal week
I fed on tasty food and a good mood
Treat myself with something tangible
Glutton is never a sin for me
I fed on fantasies.

Poem Submitted By : Dil Comments

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Sometimes we needed-fantasy poems

 Sometimes we needed fantasy
To keep us going tru life's harsh reality
We needed to dream big dreams
To keep us awake
We needed affection to make us stronger
Keeping us real not fake..

Poem Submitted By : Dil Comments

There's nothing more-fantasy poems

 There's nothing more romantic
in my eyes
Than holding your hand
And talking about our lives
Because in my mind
The only thing better than the fantasy
Is the intimacy I feel
When it's just you and me

Poem Submitted By : Dil Comments

I write of spring-fantasy poems

 I write of spring in autumn
of summer in winter
I like to be where I'm not
to cheat on time
is so much better

Poem Submitted By : Dil Comments

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